Wednesday, May 7, 2014

NT Top End #1: Territory Wildlife Park

The Little Girl missed our huge family trip to The Kimberley's last year because she was stuck in Melbourne with a broken leg, so mum and dad generously took her and I on a trip to the NT over the Easter school holidays. We flew into Darwin, stayed the night and headed inland the next morning. Our first stop was the Territory wildlife park. A showcase of some of the top ends native wildlife set in a bush setting. We caught the train to the Oolloo Sandbar to see the barramundi and the whip ray feeding.


You wouldn't believe the noise the barramundi make as they suck in the food. Afterwards we boarded the train and headed for the Flight Deck to see the bird show. This was excellent. We saw the Black-breasted Kite fight it's way into a pretend emu egg by bashing it with a rock ...


as well as owls, eagles and a Jabiru.

We popped back to the main station afterwards for a spot of air-conditioning before catching the train to the Aquarium. Walking back to the walk through aviary in the Monsoon Forest we just caught the bird feeding ... and this fantastic tawny frog mouth.

We meandered our way through the Monsoon Forest ...

and took a wrong turn at the nocturnal house. Our 370m walk morphed into 930m and we arrived back at the main station hot, thirsty and dripping. The helpful guide exclaimed at our state, wondering where we had come from, perplexed that we arrived from the wrong direction and suggesting we drink some gatorade later in the afternoon ... after we'd finished sweating.

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  1. alexa said...
    I feel as if I have stepped onto a new planet - some of these creatures I have never heard of before! The photos are wonderful, and so glad The Girl got her treat :).

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