Thursday, October 8, 2015

2015 Album: Weeks 39 and 40

I can't believe I'm posting week 40 here. Where did the year go? Despite my good intentions I managed to get behind on this project so my new good intention each week is to complete the previous week plus catchup one week. I think by doing this I should complete the album on time.

What we did week 39: It was the second week of school holidays. BOOST juice was running the name game and The Big Girl's name came up on the Monday and mine on the Tuesday, so free Boosts for us. Unfortunately when we went to claim mine on Tuesday the girl said we had to have a Boost card. After a quick exchange via facebook and email I soon had a voucher coming to me in the mail and since I didn't make a special trip to Camberwell for my boost I wasn't too annoyed. The kids decorated their second batch of cupcakes for the holidays. The Big Girl has a food technology exam that involves decorating cupcakes so she was practicing. We went summer wardrobe shopping for the kids. The Little Girl's friends threw her a surprise birthday party and she celebrated her actual birthday on Sunday. We all went to Pt. Lonsdale and you can see some of what we did here.

The pages: Lots of photos that I wanted to include so four pages.

What we did week 40: It was the last week of the school holidays. Hubby took Riley home with him Monday afternoon. Meanwhile Dad took The Boy back to Melbourne on some errands and I took the girls to see Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. It was quite different from the book but I really liked it. I think the changes probably made it a better movie. Tuesday I took the kids for a walk along the Barwon River away from the ocean, then to Barwon Heads for a drink. Wednesday we headed back to Melbourne. Friday was the first time we had the Grand Final public holiday. We helped dad clearing out his factory so he can get it ready for a new tenant. Friday night Hubby, The Boy and I went out to friends for a BBQ. Saturday was AFL Grand Final Day. A very warm one. We went to friends who are Hawk's supporters to watch the game then have dinner. The Hawks won easily. Sunday Hubby took The Boy and The Big Girl to his parents place at Woodend to celebrate his mother's birthday. I took The Little Girl to Boroondara Rec Centre to swim the 400m freestyle at the MetroEast Distance Meet.

The pages: Two pages. Since the photo I chose as a full page one had a large expanse of white sky I decided to put the journaling on top and leave more room for photos on the other page.


Monday, October 5, 2015

Melbourne to Alice Springs Roadtrip Day 8: West MacDonell's

This post continues the series on our two week roadtrip from Melbourne to Alice Springs and back during the July school holidays.

 We began our day by driving 135km out to Ormiston Gorge. The 7km Ormiston Pound walk is one of the regions best. The path begins by following the accewss road before dropping into the Ormiston Creek and then climbing up the outside of the Pound. AS always the kids set the pace ... and it was a cracking one, hills are done at about the same pace as flat, although Hubby specified that every 20mins they must stop for a drink break. The Little Girl set the timer on her watch.


As you reach the top of the wall there is a small track that winds up to a lookout over the Pound. Quite steep and rocky it's worth the short climb for a magnificent view.

Ormiston Gorge 2

As I said, the path is quite steep.


Back on the main trail, there's a reasonably steep descent into the pound, then it winds across the Pound floor.


I found the last part of the walk to be the hardest and although it was a small distance probably took us at least on hour of our three hours. For large sections we had to clamber over large boulders along the creek bed. The stunning red rock walls took my mind off my sore legs.


There are a series of waterholes through the gorge. These are fairly permanent. With the water come the birds and we enjoyed spotting the tiny ones flitting through the trees.


There is a cafe and toilets not far from the waterhole at the end of the gorge and also picnic tables were we could eat our lunch. On the way back to Alice Springs we stopped at the Ochre Pits located 25km from Ormiston Gorge. This Ochre deposit is still used by the local Arrarnta people and is a registered sacred site.

In Alice Springs we had just enough time to make a quick stop at the Museum of Central Australia for the girls and I while Hubby took The Boy to the Central Australian Aviation Museum.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

2015 album: Weeks 10-13

What we did Week 10: The Little Girl swam in the Victorian All Schools Swimming Championship, finishing at 10pm and waking up the next morning with a full-blown sinus infection that sidelined her for 4 weeks. We went to Pt. Lonsdale for the Labour Day weekend joining mum and dad, my sisters and my brother with wife and kids. On the Sunday we went out for wine and nibbles at Noble Rot, then Hubby and I stayed on for our dinner date followed by a walk around the point.

The pages: I didn't have a lot of photos, so just one page. I really wanted to showcase the big photo but also include the photo of the two of us so this was my solution.


What we did Week 11: Monday was the labour day holiday. Saturday we went to visit Riley. The Big Girl played in the basketball semi-final ending in a loss.

The pages: Once again a single page.


What we did Week 12: The Boy started soccer training. The Big Girl had her basketball breakup and played in the GSV tennis finals at Melbourne Park. Hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by going to The Boy's cricket end of season celebration.

The pages: I only had the one photo from Ethan's breakup so I combined it with the first page of week 13.

What we did Week 13: Hubby was in China. The Big Girl had mock interviews at school as part of the careers program. Both girls ran in the school house cross country. The Little girl came 3rd in the junior age group. I presented a seminar paper of Augustine's theodicy. We went to visit Riley.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Around here ...

Making ... decorating and eating lots of cupcakes. The Big Girl is practicing for her food technology practical exam and The Little Girl and The Boy were keen to get into the action too.


Shopping ... for summer wardrobes.

Introducing ...  Riley to the beach.


Rigging ... up the owl to be an eye flashing, noise making, motion sensor activated, solar powered possum deterrent.


Celebrating ...  The Little girl's 14th birthday. She's not so little anymore. We had our traditional pancake cake for breakfast, then mum and dad took us all out to Oakdene winery for lunch. Really great food and the gardens are full of little quirky details.


Watching ... the Scorch Trials. A little bit different to the book but the girls and I enjoyed it. I thought it was better than the Maze runner movie. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rinda's 2015 Summertime Photo Scavengerhunt Wrap-Up

This is the first where I announce ... I'm finished Rinda's 2015 Hunt!

Well, I would have but there are still a few missing on my list, mainly because I just didn't think of taking a photo when I might have seen them. I got 17 items on the list and I'm pretty happy with that. You can see all my items here, here, here and here.

I did want to post one final photo ... #21.


And say thank-you to Rinda for hosting us all again this year.